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Product Description

We spun up a surface-mount version of our best-selling RBBB, for people who want an assembled board, and other prototypers who want a flatter board.

Making a new version of a board like this always requires a lot of decisions and for our first revision we decided to leave the power jack on. It looks slightly large, we know. The board will be shipped with the header pins and power jack loose, so you can assemble it to suit yourself. You can also easily snip the power jack space off the board with a pair of tin snips to make the board shorter, if space is constrained.

The RBBB Pro is also available in Europe at JeeLabs.org.


  • 2.1mm power jack
  • Arduino Optiboot bootloader
  • ATmega328 Chip
  • 5 or 3.3 volt versions available

Purchase Options (in the pulldown menu)

  • RBBB Pro 5V
  • RBBB Pro 3.3V
  • RBBB Pro, cable, BUB bundle
  • RBBB Pro PCB only. No parts, no headers (does not matter which voltage you select).
  • We will put the headers on for you if you really want us to (except if you select PCB ONLY). Order 5 units of Super Service and specify your desire in Order Notes on the Cart page.


RBBB Pro Eagle Files


Purchase Matrix


Additional Information

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 1 x 3 x .2 in

5V, 3.3V

Assembly Option



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