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Archive | August, 2014

4 x 16 LCD character display


This is a very high quality 4 x 16 character display removed from new equipment. We bought them on a lark for their ABS boxes, and eventually we will spin up some products for the boxes. In the meantime they are taking up space in the shop and we’d like to move a few out. $5.00.

There are a couple more pictures on the product page.  We found that it works great both with the Arduino LCD library and with our LCD117 Serial LCD drivers.


  • Overall: 3.44″ x 2.37″             87.4mm x 60.2mm
  • Bezel: 3.15″ x 1.57″           81.7mm x 39.8mm
  • Display Area:   2.41″ x .982″   61.3mm x 24.9mm
  • Blue-Black letters on gray-green screen
  • There is no backlight.

In the shop here.