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Soundboxen #4: Fluxamasynth Radio Station in a Box

Soundboxen are songs wrapped up in objects, originally inspired by Stockhausen’s Zodiac music boxes. Some are simple music boxes; #1 was an implementation of Riley’s In C (w/tempo knob). Others are instruments constrained to a certain song. #3 is a jukebox of bytebeat; #4 is an algorithmic radio station in a box. This is a great example of what you can do with a Fluxamasynth music generator; read below the fold for the code.

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New Product: The Reverbalizer Multi-effects Module

The Reverbalizer is a hackable electronic multi-effects module for mobile and microcontroller applications. It is hackable in two ways. First, you can adapt it for use in a microcontroller project. Second, you can download or create additional DSP effects and install it on an EEPROM cartridge using an Arduino-based program we developed. It comes with 8 effects in ROM and 8 on the re-programmable cartridge.

The Reverbalizer uses the FV-1 DSP chip from Spin Semiconductor. The chip was designed by Alesis founder Keith Barr and appears in many effects units like the Z-DSP.

The built-in effects are:

  • Chorus-reverb
  • Flange-reverb
  • Tremolo-reverb
  • Pitch shift
  • Pitch-echo
  • Test (straight through)
  • Reverb 1
  • Reverb 2

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