Dimensional data for the Rev P Wind Sensor

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Some customers had requested the dimensional data of the Wind P sensor so I put this together. These dimensions apply to Wind P versions P4, P5 and P6. I will differentiate these different versions and the direction that I am developing this sensor in subsequent posts.

We moved to a smaller header (the two sets of five holes at the top, from the previous version of the sensor the P3. The purpose of these holes is to be able to detach the “sensing stalk” and solder in wires or even a connector. I’ll go over actually doing this in another post, including some photos. In any case the finer pitch holes makes this a little challenging. The mounting holes at the top are also a different diameter than the holes at the bottom. This was probably a bad idea and one I regret now, but it’s done.
The pdf of the dimensional data may be found at the bottom of the Rev. P Wind Sensor page.

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