Modern Device and Facebook

Almost ten years ago, Modern Device was founded with the simple mission of making DIY electronics accessible to everyone.
Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be joining a similarly minded company, a company with the goal of bringing people together, a
company which is now a household name. We’ve always been happy to help people with their electronics projects, and we’re looking forward to
developing the products Mark and Cory proposed when they stopped by with an offer last Tuesday.
We can’t disclose anything quite yet, but let’s just say the day when you can “Like” something with your physical thumb isn’t too far off.
As for the Modern Device website, wiki, and forum, all will remain untouched– everything you love about Modern Device will remain. We’re excited
to see what opportunities this partnership produces.

Keep hacking!

Paul, Jeffrey, Noah, and the Modern Device toaster.

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