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July Jee Sale

What, another promotion? To synch our shop with our Dutch collaborators JeeLabs, we’re offering 13% off the entire JeeLabs line of wireless Arduino compatible boards, sensors and displays. Use code JEE2GO to get 13% off of of anything in the JeeLabs collection; that’s anything in  this area of the shop.

The other condition of the “Jee” discount is that you can have to had purchased something else from Modern Device before July, so it’s a bit of a reward for prior shoppers at Modern Device and JeeLabs. We are checking this by hand, so please don’t use the discount unless you have actually ordered from us before.

Note that this promotion runs concurrently with our Deal of the Day promotion (code DOTD) which is 25% deep discount on one selected item, and free domestic shipping on weekends. Whether you select either the JEE2GO promotion or the DOTD promotion, don’t head use the Paypal Express checkout at the first opportunity. You’ll get another chance to use Paypal after punching in the discount code.

Have a great fourth of July and enjoy the fireworks with your favorite cold beverage. The shop will be closed on Thursday but we’ll be up and shipping again on Friday. I’ll be visiting my cabin in the Catskills and attending my friend Ed Potokar’s opening, in Roxbury, NY. You’ll need Google maps to find it.


I’ll also be performing a bit on Friday evening with Ed and assorted other musicians on my new slider synth.


I worked out the code helping Ed make a similar instrument for a show in New York city. Check out the case made out of white ash. I can’t divulge how much I spent on lumber for this project. The guts are basically an Arduino Mega with our Fluxamasynth board on it. The sliders are linear slide pots sitting on pressure sensors. And a whole lot of code. I’ll post some of the more useful code in the future.

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