New JeeLabs Blog Series: What If?

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Well, it’s a relatively new series from our friends in the Netherlands that takes a more conjectural approach to learning about electronics. In Jean Claude’s words:

The what-if question is a great way to experiment, especially in electronics and electro-mechanics, because it lets you be prepared and avoid silly (and sometimes catastrophic) outcomes, such as a damaged component, a harmful burn, or even an explosion.

This approach lends itself to all sorts of practical questions:

  • What if I short out a 3x AA battery pack?
  • What if I connect my chip the wrong way around?
  • What if I have to use a 12V power supply instead of 5V?

But also issues as varied as:

  • What if I omit a certain component from my circuit?
  • What if I unplug the Raspberry Pi without shutting it down?
  • What if I wanted to use HouseMon in combination with MySQL?

Power considerations are often the most vexing part of working with electronics, and sure enough that’s where the series starts. The first few posts explore the questions “What if I mix 3.3V and 5V?” (Parts one, two, and three) and What if the supply (to an Atmega) is under 3.3V?“.

It’s a weekly series, so bookmark it, follow the RSS feed, or catch up on the wiki.

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