New Product: The Reverbalizer Multi-effects Module

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The Reverbalizer is a hackable electronic multi-effects module for mobile and microcontroller applications. It is hackable in two ways. First, you can adapt it for use in a microcontroller project. Second, you can download or create additional DSP effects and install it on an EEPROM cartridge using an Arduino-based program we developed. It comes with 8 effects in ROM and 8 on the re-programmable cartridge.

The Reverbalizer uses the FV-1 DSP chip from Spin Semiconductor. The chip was designed by Alesis founder Keith Barr and appears in many effects units like the Z-DSP.

The built-in effects are:

  • Chorus-reverb
  • Flange-reverb
  • Tremolo-reverb
  • Pitch shift
  • Pitch-echo
  • Test (straight through)
  • Reverb 1
  • Reverb 2

Here’s an example of vocal artist Laurie Amat taking the Reverbalizer for a spin:

Here are two examples from Feral Vocaloid:

Here are a few samples made using the output Bytebeat Shufflebox for Arduino fed into the Reverbalizer.

The process of developing the module in the Fab Lab: 1) On a breadboard with milled helper PCB, 2) Fab Lab-style milled PCB, 3) 3 prototypes from OSHPark, 4) Finished product.

Documentation and Links

Other products using the FV-1:

Each Reverbalizer is tested in this test jig. The jig uses pogo pins to allow us to test all the functions without soldering on pots and switches, so the module can be embedded in a project.

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