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Three New Fluxamasynth Variations

We just launched a modest Indiegogo campaign to seed some new electronic music products that I’ve been cooking up. The Fluxamasynth is an add-on electronic module for Arduino for making your own electronic musical instruments or embedding high quality sound in projects. Now in three new flavors on Indiegogo:

This campaign is to expand the Fluxamasynth platform with three new modules and to expand on the documentation and example projects.

There are other projects out there that have similar capabilities, but the Fluxamasynth is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to big sound, access to lots of low level tweaks, and a design that emphasizes quality and affordability.

These will be available in the shop as soon as the Indiegogo is over.

Wind Sensors on Kites

Chris Fastie of the KAPtery has been testing the Modern Device wind sensor for Public Lab by putting them up on kite-borne sensor arrays. Chris has been documenting his work on Public Lab’s collaborative research platform. Below you can see the $27 Modern Device wind sensor compared to a $300 Kestrel 550 anemometer.

It tracks surprisingly well, though gives a consistent lower reading which we believe is how the sensor was mounted in the rig (it has a directional bias). Seeing how these sensors are used in the field is very helpful to us; we are now working on a boost regulated mod that will allow you to power it from a few AA batteries instead of the 10V the sensor requires now (well > 9.2V technically).

Wind Sensors In Escape Rooms

We don’t always get to hear about what our customers create with our products, so when they reach out to us we are always giddy to see what they cook up. Key to Escape, an Escape Room based in North Carolina, put our Wind Sensor Rev. C’s in some prop LED candles and made them react to the user’s breath. By blowing out the candles in a certain order, they can unlock the next clue and proceed through the puzzle (see attached video). Well done!

We would love to hear from more of you on how you use our products. Please feel free to shoot us an email with your work and we’ll feature it here!