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BUB Build Instructions

The USB BUB II board has been engineered to be an affordable, flexible USB connector that is an excellent communications device between the BBB (Arduino) and your computer (with the Arduino IDE installed).

Attach the 6 PIN female header

Solder the header to the BUB board

We won’t need to install the other headers and shunts (save them in your kit for later)

now we are ready to install the drivers and use your BBB!

Package Contents

The BUB II ships with a female six-pin header, two male three-pin headers and two shunts for the power and logic level select, that the user may solder on, if desired. The logic level is set by solder jumper to 3.3V by default and the power jumper is likewise set to 5V by solder jumper. All other parts are mounted and the board has been tested and is ready to go. As a default configuration, most users will probably want to solder on the female six-pin right angle header.”

The BUB I hooked up to a BBB

Minimal Hookup:

For our students, the basic configuration is to solder the plastic 90 degree female header onto the BUB II board. That’s it!