Air Speed in a Subterranean Heated Dome Greenhouse

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Air Speed in a Subterranean Heated Dome Greenhouse

Post by justwait » Tue Nov 16, 2010 7:01 am

We are working on a Subterranean Heated Dome Greenhouse, it is hard to get the underground pipes the same length in a circle. We want to have pipes of different lengths from only one plenum with the same air speed in all pipes. Our plan is to use dampers and by measuring the low air speed (0.3 miles per hour) we will adjust the dampers to get the air speed the same in all the pipes. We are programming an Arduino computer and one of your Thermal Anemometer Thermistors (TAT) per pipe to do this.

We have receives our first TAT, but did not receive any documentation or tech sheet with it.

Is any available?

We have searched the Internet and cannot find any code using your TAT. Do you know if there is any programming code for the Arduino is available using your TAT?

Thanks for your support

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