Pin out on the BBB board

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Pin out on the BBB board

Post by Bender » Wed Aug 06, 2008 12:55 pm

Ok so i'm new at this so here it goes,
I know on the bottom of the board I have 17 pins they are RST, GND, +5V, 0-13, GND. On the other left side i have have A0-A5 and AR. on the top I have 6 pins G, blank ,+5V, TX, RX, blank. on the top right i have the 6 pin ICSP pins. By the way this is looking at the board so you can read BARE-BONES. So on the top I have 6 pins G, blank ,+5V, TX, RX, blank this is where you hook up the FTDI TTL-232R Cable to program it, I also have a P4 and a usb converter because i don't have a FTDI TTL-232R Cable to program it. So on the p4 there is 5 header pins TX, RX, 5V, G and RT so here is the question do i match 5 pines on the p4 to the 6 pins where the FTDI TTL-232R Cable goes matching the ones that are labled? or can i use the RST, GND,+5V, RX, TX from the 17 pins on the bottom of the board it looks like you can because in the Schematic there connected. (if so that would be easyer because the where the FTDI TTL-232R Cable goesthere bent over at a 90 where the p4 is strate down for bread boarding) so that the question, also is there any good pin out diagram of the board I seen good ones on Diecimila but not on the BBB. :D

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Re: Pin out on the BBB board

Post by paul » Wed Aug 06, 2008 8:16 pm

The P4 mates seamlessly with the first five pins on the left end of the digital header RST GND 5V RX TX. It can be rewired to work with the cable headers, if you want to use it that way.

Simply cut the traces on the top of the P4 board in between the first and second rows of holes.
This is easiest to do with an exacto knife or utility knife used backwards (pushed).

You'll need a 6 pin female header. Solder that to the five holes on the end with a pin hanging off either end. Then wire it up by jumping the pads in row 1 to to pads in row 2 (now disconnected). Remap the pins with in this order from left to right with the P4 facing the cable header. RST TX RX 5V blank GND. Note that the TX label on the cable header actually connects to the pin labelled RX - so that label corresponds to the cable TX and not the Atmega TX line - so the labels on the P4 will be opposite so TX mates with RX etc.

There is schematic in the BBB board directions, the pinouts can be seen clearly in the circuit board photos. I've got a clearer version of the schematic in the next (long overdue) version of the docs.


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