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Wind Sensor rev C zero wind adjustment

Posted: Mon May 30, 2016 10:22 pm
by vgatesr
I have 3 question:
1. With no wind over the sensor we get "nan". Not sure what that means. Would like to get 0.0.
2. We am planning to use 2 sensors in our setup. One for internal air velocity and one for external ambient wind speed. It appears that if the "no wind" adjustments for the two sensors are not the same we can just do two calculations or am I missing something?
3. Reading all of all of the material online there is mention that "line drop" could be a factor. Factors such as "0.0048828125" imply significant accuracy from the voltage input. Almost any line drop would affect this calculation. I am assuming it is recommended to keep the leads as short as possible. Our problem is that we need a lead on one of the sensors in tens of feet. Any suggestions for compensating for the drop will be appreciated. We plan to use 18awg wire for that lead thinking it will help a little.