Operating specs for wind sensor P

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Operating specs for wind sensor P

Post by dubnom » Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:34 pm

We need to understand the operating specifications of the wind sensor. What are the low and high operating temperature ranges? What are the maximum and nominal current/power consumption numbers?
Our objective is to use the sensor on an experimental platform for measuring many things (gps,co2,barometer,radiation,etc.) for an expedition to the North Pole. We will handle calibration of all the instruments. We're looking to be within a 10% range for wind. We also have power constraints.

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Re: Operating specs for wind sensor P

Post by paul » Sat Feb 17, 2018 7:59 pm

The sensor is designed to maintain hot sensor at about 75C above the ambient sensor. In order for it to work, the circuit must have the voltage and current to heat up the sensor to balance the bridge. Current draw will range from 35 mA perhaps up to 120 mA or more in very windy conditions.

One issue that might come up is that in extreme cold, heat leaving the sensor will be so extreme that electrical power resources will not be able to bring the sensor into balance.

We have tested the sensor in nowhere-as-severe conditions as you are likely to encounter so I several concerns. We might better want to handle this an email or phone call exchange, to address as many of my concerns as possible. We could possible put together some small quantities of variant boards, that then might be exposed to some environmental testing. Write to support at modern device com, and we'll set up a phone call if you're open to that.

Paul Badger

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