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3 AA Battery Holder with Switch


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These AA battery holders accommodate 3 AA batteries, generate 4.5 volts, and include an ON-OFF switch. They are perfect for JeeNodes or other Arduino’s running at 3.3 volts, or and RBBB, BBB or Arduino without a regulator.

They’ll also run BBBs & RBBBs with stock setup fine, except that the regulator will be in dropout, since it’s below the 5 volt level. The best bet then would be to just run BBBs or RBBBs without a regulator – which will work fine at 4.5 volts. The boards will work down to about 3 volts, which is perfect for full battery use. This also saves the current draw from the regulator so is a very efficient way to run a Freeduino or Arduino, at the expense of having a slightly varying supply voltage.

Offered without barrel jack or other connector because we assume they’ll be soldered onto the boards. You could could also rig up some easy connectors with header pins – just don’t hook up the battery pack with reverse polarity.

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Weight 24 g
Dimensions 2.2 × 1.9 × .7 in