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9V Power Adapter, 300mA


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This is a 9V linear power adapter with a 2.1mm center-positive jack. It’s a linear power supply so its no-load voltage is about 15.6 volts. Perfect for an LED lamp or as an input into a higher voltage, medium current project. Nameplate Rating: Input: 120V AC 60Hz, 6W Output: 9V DC, 300mA. The jack is center positive.

This is a linear adapter meaning that there is no voltage regulation, so with no load it outputs 15.6 volts and by the time it is loaded with 300 mA, the voltage is very close to 9 volts. Please insure that the device you are powering from this adapter can withstand the higher voltage, if it does not draw 300 mA. We did a little test with some various loads and made the following chart.

volts mA
15.6 0
11.8 118
9.3 279

The jack on this adapater is 5.5mm which is the most common standard for power adapters, however the central hole in the middle of the jack is 2.4mm instead of the more common 2.1mm standard. Because the central hole is larger than standard this jack will fit all 5.5mm power jacks, however it may not may good contact with the center contact. This is easily cured if you desire, by slightly bending the center pin fo the mating jack, to make good contact with the adapter barrel. Of course you can always cut off the jack and solder the leads directly, or use this handy adapter.

We have a quantity of these adapters so please contact us for greater quantities.

Dimensions (not including cord:

56mm x 54mm x 43mm

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Weight 240 g
Dimensions 3 × 2.5 × 1.5 in