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A1324 Hall Effect Sensor


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The A1324 replaces the A1321 which is no longer being manufactured. The A1324 is an improved version of the earlier sensor and works in exactly the same manner. It has a wider supply voltage though, and has a rated supply voltage from 3.0V to 5.5V (with an absolute maximum of 8 volts). They are rated at 5mv per G (gauss) and are dead simple to use. Just hook up the output to an ADC pin on a BBB, Arduino, JeeNode or other microcontroller.  The datasheet suggests a .1uf (104) decoupling capacitor as close the device power supply as possible. These simple sensors really excel as current sensors (since any AC current in a wire generates it’s own magnetic field) and I easily was able to sense the line current from my electric coffeepot and toaster, just from mounting the sensor next to the line cord, with no electrical connection. With a bit of practice and tweaking of my code I was able sense whether a 100 watt bulb in a lamp was on or off. Our new Current Sensor uses these devices with some more gain for “completely isolated” current sensing. Resources A1324 datasheet

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