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IRLZ34N N-channel MOSFET


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These are some N-channel high power MOSFET’s useful for driving higher voltages and currents from a microcontroller. They have a very low On resistance so shouldn’t need a heat sink until they are seeing loads greater than about 2.5 amps. They are also logic-level devices with a turn-on threshold rated at 3.3 volts. Not all MOSFETs can be driven from logic levels and be fully turned on. These MOSFETs are also used in the JeeLabs MOSFET plug.



  • Low on-resistance @ 0.035Ω
  • VDSS = 55V
  • Id = 30A
  • TO-220 case

Here’s the pinout:


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Weight 35 g
Dimensions .5 × 1 × .2 in