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JeeLabs AA Power Board


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The AA Power board is a small board which can generate 3.3V from a single AA battery (Alkaline or NiMh), sufficient to power a JeeNode, for example.

The board uses an ultra low-power LTC3525 boost regulator chip which draws only 7.. 30 µA of current in idle mode (depends on input voltage). The input can be anything from 1.0 to 5.5V, so this can also be used with 2x or 3x AA battery packs (even 4, if NiMh), and it will continue to work when hooked up to a 5V power supply. The regulator will work down to less than 0.5V and can squeeze the very last bit of energy from the battery.

The board was specifically designed for use with a JeeNode with several different mounting options, but can be used with anything that needs 3.3V. An AA or AAA cell can be mounted directly onto the board. The maximum output current is 60..150 mA, depending on input voltage.

The 5V and 3.3V versions both contain all the parts needed to create a working power supply, including AA battery clips and the headers + pins to connect it to a JeeNode in three different ways. The (tiny) SMD parts are already soldered onto the board, just make sure you get the right voltage!

The PCB only version contains just the board. No parts, no headers. It doesn’t matter which voltage you select; you’ll get the exact same thing.

The documentation and full design details are freely available.

JeeLabs AA Power Plug page

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Weight 45 g
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