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JeeLabs Ether Card Kit


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Product Description

The Ether Card is a web server based on the ENC29J60 chip, for Ethernet communication. The software for the server has been worked out by JeeLabs and will run on either the JeeLabs Carrier Board (see the picture) , or an RBBB, BBB or even an official Arduino if you must. It needs 4-6 pins to interface to a microcontroller so if you are using a JeeNode, the Carrier board is the easiest and slickest option.
The JeeLabs Carrier Board fits in a nice plastic box so the Ether Card and Carrier Board makes a very neat combination. There is no reason however, why other Freeduinos and Arduinos can’t go in the box either though, but you’ll have to be just slightly more creative in board mounting methods. (When in doubt, we like hot glue.) See the photo of our RBBB lashup.  The Ether Card needs 4 signal lines + power, for a minimum connection. You can ping our Modern Device web server, which displays temperature and light level at Modern Device at

This Ether Card is based on the ENC29J60 chip for communication, and is
designed 100% for through-hole components, making it very easy to solder
and assemble. The resulting configuration will work on any 10/100 Mbit
Ethernet LAN. A small TO-92 voltage regulator (provided) is used to supply the 3.3V
needed by the ethernet chip, but there is room for a larger TO-220 type
regulator, if you would like to have say, 100 blinking lights with your webserver.
The Kit version includes the PCB, and all the components
needed to complete the board, including an RJ-45 MagJack with built-in
pulse transformers + LEDs, and three 6-pin headers.
The PCB only version contains just the board. No parts, no headers.
Resources:Schematics  and full design details are freely available.
RBBB Internet Server

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Weight 23 g
Dimensions 5 x 3.5 x 1 in