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JeeLabs Graphic LCD Board Kit


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The Graphics Board lets you create a compact assembly with a 64×128 pixel, ST7565 graphic LCD and a JeeNode (or JeeNode USB, or JeeSMD). Ports 2 and 3 are brought out to attach a variety of additional plugs. It is also possible to run this board on a BBB or Arduino, although it’s a 3.3V board so it will require running the BBB or RBBB at 3.3V with a regulator, and or using a level shifter with an official Arudino.

The backlight resistor is chosen such that on 3.3V, this display draws ≈ 6 mA, and on 5V it draws ≈ 19 mA.

There is a solder jumper on the board which normally connects the backlight to the PWR line. When connected to the IRQ line instead, that pin can turn off the backlight under software control (or dim it, using PWM). Note that this board is designed to physically fit on a JeeNode.

The kit is supported by Lady Ada’s ST7565 graphic LCD library, modified slightly for JeeNodes by Jean-Claude Wippler.

Included with each kit is a 64×128 graphic LCD (see below) and backlight, all necessary components, and 4 6-pin male headers to connect a JeeNode.

There are two LCD screens to choose from. The Light LCD uses dark blue dots on a light blue background, which can still be read even with the backlight off. The Dark LCD has light blue dots on a nearly black background. The contrast is a bit higher, but it can’t really be used with the backlight off.

The PCB only version contains just the board. No parts, no LCD or backlight, and no headers.

The documentation and full design details are freely available.

Additional information

Weight 91 g
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 1 in
LCD Option

Light LCD, Dark LCD, PCB only (no LCD)