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JeeLabs Room Board Kit


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The JeeLabs Room Board is a small board with sensors for indoor monitoring of several environmental parameters:

  • temperature – via either an SHT11 or a DS18B20
  • humidity – via that same SHT11 sensor
  • motion – via a passive infrared detector (PIR)
  • light – via an LDR

The Room Board is placed over opposite ports on a JeeNode (1+4 or 2+3), like a mini-daughterboard. Depending on configuration, 1 to 3 resistors have to be added.

This board is not available in pre-assembled form.

The Kit Version contains a PIR motion sensor kit, the SHT11 temperature + humidity sensor, an LDR light sensor, and the Room Board PCB. The Modern Device version of the kit also includes two male six pin headers.

The Without Humidity Sensor option omits the somewhat pricey SHT11, and includes only the  PIR, LDR, and PCB. The PIR may vary somewhat in physical appearance from the photo.

This PCB only version contains just the PCB for the Room Board v2. No sensors, no parts, no headers.

See our Plug Headers if you need extra headers.

The documentation and full design details are freely available.

Additional information

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 1 x 2 x .3 in



Without Humidity Sensor, With Humidity Sensor

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