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JeeLabs Utility Plug Kit


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The Utility Plug is a small board to interface any of the ports on a JeeNode to an RJ-12 jack.

The kit includes the following extra components, to handle a variety of simple interfacing and signal-conditioning scenarios:
  • 2x 100 Ω, 2x 1 kΩ, and 2x 10 kΩ resistors (1/6 watt)
  • 2x 1N4004 diodes, as rectifier or kickback protection
  • 2x 2N4401 transistors, can switch up to 500 mA @ 40V
  • 2x 5mm LEDs, one red and one green
  • 1-meter 6-core cable, with a RJ-12 connector on one end
The RJ-12 jack on this plug can also be used with RJ-11 cables (commercial or home-made) with only 4 of the 6 wires hooked up. In this case PWR and IRQ will not be connected, only AIO, DIO, +3V, and GND.
The Utility Plug Kit version comes with all the parts needed, including the RJ-12 jack, and 1 meter of flat white cable with one RJ-12 connector attached. Headers for this and all other JeeLabs plugs can be found here (straight) and here (right angle).
The Pack of 4 contains four plug boards plus four RJ-12 jacks. Bring your own components, headers, connectors, and cables.
The PCB Only version contains just the printed circuit board for the Utility Plug. No parts, no headers.

The documentation and full design details are freely available.

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