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JeeLink Module (assembled)


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The JeeLink is a fully assembled and ready-to-use USB-type “stick” which plugs directly into a PC or USB hub. It contains Atmel’s ATmega328p AVR microprocessor and HopeRF’s wireless radio module. The processor chip is pre-flashed with the Arduino boot loader and the RF12demo sketch. See the JeeNode description for more details.

Unlike JeeNodes, JeeLinks do not have any external ports to connect plugs and other components to. The JeeLink comes in a clear plastic case and is intended as interface between other JeeNodes and JeeLinks (via wireless) and an attached PC or Mac (via USB).

The JeeLink also has 1 Mbyte of flash memory, which can be used to collect data. An on-board accurate 10 ppm crystal helps keep track of time, even when the attached computer is off.

The on-board wireless radio is the same as on JeeNodes. JeeLinks are shipped with the ISM-band 915 or 434 MHz radio module as used in the Americas and Australia. Visit Digital Smarties for 868 Mhz European band radios, pricing in Euros and duty-free shipping to the EU.

The documentation and full design details are freely available.

Note: the older JeeLink (v1) has been superceded by the JeeNode USB.


  • ISM-band 915 MHz radio module
  • ATmega328
  • 1M on-board flash for data storage
  • USB-stick format


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Weight 15 g
Dimensions 3.6 × 5 × .5 in