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100x JeeNode SMD


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For JeeLabs fans who wish to get going quickly and may wish to avoid some soldering, Modern Device and JeeLabs  have developed the JeeNode SMD.  This is a JeeNode built with SMD (surface mount) parts, and is also the JeeNode module with the lowest profile, for those who may wish to stash a JeeNode in a tight place.

It features Atmel’s ATmega328p AVR microcontroller and HopeRF’s HopeRF wireless radio module at either 915 or 434 MHz, and pins to
connect to an USB BUB or other FTDI interface. The headers and antenna are shipped loose to keep costs down and allow for maximum flexibility when mounting. The functionality of this module is exactly the same as a JeeNode. The appearance of the radio may vary slightly, the radio manufacturer has some various parts form factors that all work in exactly the same manner.

For 868 Mhz boards, for use in Europe see

The ATmega is pre-flashed with the OptiBoot loader and the RF12demo sketch (use UNO setting when working with the Arduino IDE).

The 10X variation is bulk pricing for quantity users.

Note: We are out of the RFM12B 915MHz Radio Modules. The module is being phased out, and replaced by the RFM69C variant. The JeeNode USB works with the 69C just as well as the 12B. You can read more about the RFM69C here.

Package Contents
1 JeeNode SMD with all parts except headers and antenna assembled and tested.
4 six pin female headers
1 six pin right-angle male header
antenna (cut appropriate size to frequency)

JeeNode SMD

Additional information

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 1 × 3 × .1 in



Loose Headers, Soldered Headers