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The JeeNode USB is complete with a built-in USB interface so it’s a fast and convenient way to get going with JeeNodes. If you just wish to prove out a concept. Plug in a JeeNode USB – say on a laptop, and another JeeNode USB or JeeLink on another computer and you’ve got an instant Arduino-compatible wireless link.

The JeeNode USB contains Atmel’s ATmega328p AVR microcontroller and HopeRF’s wireless radio module, as well as the FT232R USB interface. The ATmega is pre-flashed with the Arduino boot loader and the RF12demo sketch. See the JeeNode description for more details.

JeeNode USBs are shipped with the ISM-band 915 MHz or 433 Mhz radio module for orders within the US. In Europe see the JeeLabs shop for 868 MHz radios.

The JeeNode USB comes with the USB plug and all SMD components soldered on. Four 6-pin female headers are included and need to be soldered on to access each of the 4 ports. The PWR/I²C and SPI/ISP headers are not included, these are intended for more advanced user scenarios.

The documentation and full design details are freely available.

Note: We are out of the RFM12B 915MHz Radio Modules. The module is being phased out, and replaced by the RFM69C variant. The JeeNode USB works with the 69C just as well as the 12B. You can read more about the RFM69C here.


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