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JeePlug Pack (5 per bag)


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The JeePlug is a tiny board which can be used for prototyping or to “re-wire” connections between various headers and cables. There are 8 * 10 plated-through holes and pads, a few of which are paired up to simplify connections. Any of these traces can easily be cut to remove any unwanted connections.

The JeePlug was designed for use with the ports of JeeNodes and JeeUsb boards, but it can of course be used for anything you like.

JeePlugs come in packs of 5, including five 6-pin male and five 6-pin female headers.

Package Contents

  • 5 JeePlug boards
  • 5 6-pin male headers
  • 5 6-pin female headers


  • 8 × 10 plated-through holes and pads on .100″ centers
  • .8″ × 1.0″

Additional information

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × .1 in