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LEDs (Super-Bright, 10 per bag)


LEDs Superbright in bags of 10, choice of four colors.

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Super bright red, green, blue, and white LEDs, in narrow and wide angles, in packs of 10.
These have become really affordable in the last few years, though you might not know it from the prices at Radio Shack. We picked up these very nice LEDs and are passing the savings on to our customers. The specifications above are about all the documentation we have on these LEDs. I will say that we had to raise the standard ballast resistor values for the pilot lights we put on our breadboards in my classes, as these LEDs were just too bright.

All of the LEDs below are T1/34 (5mm) with .100″ lead spacing.

The wide angle models have lower ratings just because the light is spread out, not because the chips are emitting less light. White LEDs are usually now rated in lumens which is more accurate view of how much total light the LED puts out.

Colour Frequency in nanometers Brightness in Millicandela
Red Narrow 625-630 3000-5000
Green Narrow 515-520 3000-5000
Blue Narrow 460-465 3000-5000
Red Wide 625-630 1500-2000
Green Wide 515-520 2000-3000
Grass Wide 520-525 1500-1800
Blue Wide 460-465 800-1200
Colour Colour temperature in Kelvin Brightness in Millicandella
White Narrow 2800-3200 18000-20000
White Wide 2800-3200 6000-7000

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Weight 15 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × .1 in

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