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P4 RS232 to TTL Serial Adapter Kit


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This board provides a RS232 serial-port connection to a BBB or RBBB. It has the reset (RTS) line on it, and supports the BBB or any other Modern Device Board with the RTS-capacitor hack installed. It also works with Mini, Lilly Pad, Boarduino, Basic Stamp interpreter, Basic Atom, Picaxe, more. You can even connect to an Arduino Diecimila with this adapter if you want to use a Comm port and avoid the FTDI chip in the Diecimila.

This adapter must be provided with +5 volts and ground from the breadboard. It mates seamlessly with the first five pins on BBB or RBBB boards. It has two extra rows of pads that can be used to remap the pins to a different order for your other applications.


  • RS232 Conversion to TTL level communication
  • DB9 Female Connector
  • 5-pin 0.1’ male headers


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Weight 45 g
Dimensions 1 × 2 × .1 in

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