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Rigid RGB LED Strips


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These are rigid LED strips on standard FR4 pcb material that contain 30, 5050 RGB LEDs. The LEDs seem to be standard super-bright LEDs and are  very bright at 12 volts. The strips  are 12mm wide and 500mm long with headers every 50mm where they can be cut and soldered. The strips have nice polarized connectors and six inches of cable on the ends of every strip which makes mating them in series simple and quick. They are also riced low enough that you could afford to take off the LEDs and use them on other projects. The resistors are sized to lend nice balanced white light that is not too cold in color, when powered from 12 volts. The 12V trace which looks to be about 60mils wide is mirrored front and  back for extra current carrying capability.

The strips were apparently manufactered in units of four strips have a v-groove between strips so they can easily be snapped apart. We are selling the unsnapped unit as another option.

Product Specifications:

  • 12 volts
  • .472″ x  19.685″ (12mm x 500mm)
  • .060″ FR4 with white solder mask front and back
  • headers every 1.97″ (50mm) where the strips can be cut and soldered
  • lines on the headers are clearly  labelled front and back with “12V, R, G, B”

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Weight 300 g
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