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Serial RGB LED Strips (UCS1903)


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These are high-speed serial super-bright RGB LED Strips! They use excellent, high-speed USC1903 serial controller chips to implement 8-bit RGB control of the LEDs with a clock line, so the entire interface on these strips works with only three lines lines. Ground, 12 volts, and Data. The picture shows four wires because there are two grounds on the roll, presumably one for the power supply and one to connect to the microcontroller which is providing the data. The LEDs are on 1.31″ centers so 30 LED’s per meter.¬†One chip controls three LEDs (which are in series) so there are 10 chips per meter.

The strips are priced per meter, and if you order more than one we normally ship them as a single continuous length up to 5 meters, which equals a full roll. 6-10 will be shipped as two lengths, 11-15 as three, and so on. If you would like us to split them differently, please let us know in the order notes section of the checkout page. Unfortunately we cannot ship continuous lengths longer than 5 meters.

The strips are waterproofed with a soft silicone material, and are ready to use so just plug in
12V, ground and data and you are good to go! If you cut the 5 meter roll to size, you will need to
reseal the ends. Silicone, hot glue, or any non-conductive epoxy should work for this job.

Ideal for signs, decoration, and many types of edge lighting.

We have included three Arduino sketches for various lighting effects below. We will be glad to add any tricky code examples you come up with to our collection if you send them in.

Note: These strips do not have a self-adhesive backing.



  • Current consumption: 15mA per LED (full on)
  • 30 LEDs per meter

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Weight 45 g
Dimensions 4 x 4 x .5 in