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Wall Power Adapter 6V 1A


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This is a 6 volt switching supply that is perfect for BBB, RBBB, and home brew Arduino efforts.

This supply is also perfect for driving hobby (RC) servos directly from the regulated 6 volt output, while at the same time powering microcontroller boards with the five volt output.

The Arduino Boards (Uno etc.) unfortunately either did not have low dropout regulators, or they include a reverse polarity diode that robs the board of .6 volts so they require at least 7 volts to insure a regulated 5 volt output.

The BBB chooses to use inverse parallel diodes for reverse polarity protection. The diodes will short out the power supply if the polarity is inverted. Hopefully the supply has some kind of fuse or current limiting. Both approaches have their virtues and drawbacks. The series approach that the Arduino folks use is more foolproof against all comers, but always wastes .6 volts (times the current draw).

The inverse parallel approach is more thrifty, because it doesn’t use any power in normal circumstances, but the diode will self destruct if someone connects say a huge 20 amp supply to the board in the wrong polarity.

Because of the diode in Duemilanove’s and the like, I can’t really recommend it for Arduino’s – although it will work fine. The voltage will just not be rock solid. We’ll get a higher voltage unit for Arduinos.


  • Switching supply
  • 6 volt, 1 amp regulated DC output
  • 2.1 mm plug
  • center terminal positive

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Weight 113 g
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 1 in