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Flexible Breadboard Wire Kit (75 Pcs)

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These flexible breadboard wires combine the best features of both stranded and solid wire. Stranded wire is more flexible and is great where wires need to be moved and flexed. It's always way more work to connect stranded wire though, and usually requires tinning the end with solder to use on a solderless breadboard.


The 75 wires in this kit have solid ends soldered to a stranded length of wire. This means the middle is flexible, but the ends are stiff, so they are easier to connect to breadboards. The end connectors are reinforced with vinyl for ease of use, for the best of both worlds!


The kit includes:

  • 55 wires @ 4" (100mm)
  • 10 wires @ 6" (150mm)
  • 10 wires @ 9" (225mm)
GTIN: 048621953510