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Educato: The Classroom Oriented Arduino Kit

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The Educato was a collaboration between Modern Device and the former TechShop. We wanted to develop a build-your-own Arduino® (compatible) board that could be used in classes, while students would learn how to solder assembling the board.

The Educato was born with the twin mission of being extremely breadboard friendly, while still accommodating shields when necessary.


  • Fully compatible with the Arduino Shield form factor
  • We wanted every useful pin on the front edge of the board, where it could be accessed from a breadboard.
  • The board also has power rail pin that work well with the breadboards we sell, which seem to be the most common. Two handy pins on the breadboard connector can also be used to power any breadboard.
  • The analog block has power and ground, with three of the pins being special. They have a shunt so that the power can be drawn either from the board’s 5 volt rail, or from the Vin voltage, which we suggest should be 6 volts.
  • This makes the board ideal for powering up to three servos, by switching the shunt to the Vin voltage and plugging the servos directly into AO, A1 & A2. This routes the servo motors high current around the Educato’s power rail, keeping the noise off from the microcontrollers power lines. I was getting slightly weary drawing the servo power circuit for my students, so this should be a cleaner faster solution.
  • A special regulator makes the Arduino Uno® type power negotiation scheme redundant, so we left it out, and kept the board simple. The regulator also has reverse polarity protection, so there is no need for either a series diode (and its voltage drop) or an inverse parallel diode (and its death wish).
  • Easy to build for beginners with part labels including both part numbers and part values.


  • 2.78″x 2.33″ (70.6mm x 59.4mm)
  • Atmega328P
  • All surface mount parts pre-soldered at the factory
    FTDI chip, voltage regulator, USB jack and PTC fuse
  • Accommodates all Arduino shields with the UNO® footprint
  • 1 amp voltage regulator, ideally powered by 6 volts, will accommodate up to 12 volts
  • Designed by Modern Device and TechShop

Purchase Options:

  • Educato Kit – All SMD components are mounted and the SMD assembly is tested. Through-hole parts are shipped loose
    and ready for your soldering iron.
  • Educato Kit and 3′ USB Cable – Same as above, but includes a 3′ USB cable.