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MPXV Pressure Sensor Breakout Board

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This is a breakout board for a family of Honeywell pressure sensors. The assembled versions of the board are populated either with a +/- 1 psi sensor (MPXV7007DP) or a +/-.3 psi MPXV7002DP. There are several other sensor models listed below (there also may be others), which will also fit on the board.  The currently stocked MPXV700xDP sensors are five volt sensors and the outputs float at 2.5 volts, with no pressure on the input.

Suction will cause the sensor to output lower voltages, pressure will cause it to output higher voltages. Both sensors are differential sensors, meaning that they have two ports, so you can hook them up deferentially, such as in a pitot tube. Model aircraft builders and rocketeers take note. The +-1psi range corresponds fairly closely with human lung capacity. I was able to pin the sensor at just shy of zero and 5 volts respectively, by exerting a fair amount of effort sucking/blowing on a piece of tubing attached to its port, but not having to exert truly heroic effort. My take on the range of this sensor 1 psi sensor then is that it would make a perfect sensor for electronic musicians. If you don’t want to work that hard, try the lighter (.3 psi) sensor.

One customer has currently built a MIDI interface for his accordion, for interfacing the accordion to synthesizers for accompaniment and effects. Both of the stocked sensors are differential sensor with two ports, so you can use them in differential pressure sensing situations such as pitot tubes. This sensor also works admirably for musical breath controllers, with the addition of a piece of 2.5mm hose. It will sense breath directly in the sealed tube, either pressure or suction, or blowing on the unsealed tube end, more in the manner of a flute. Because it senses suction too, you can arrange harmonica like action with different actions on inhale and exhale.


  • Board: 31mm x 19mm
  • Sensor:19mm x 20mm
  • Ports Outside Diameter: 3mm

Other Sensors Compatible with the MPXV PCB:

Honeywell Part No: Type PSI Ports
MPXV7007DP Differential ±1 PSI 2 side
MPXV4006GP GAUGE 0.87 PSI 1 side
MPXV4115VC6U Vacuum -16.7 to  +2.2 PSI 1 top
MPXV7025GC6U Gauge ±3.6 PSI 1 top
MPXV5010GC6T1 Gauge 1.45PSI 1 top
MPXV5050VC6T1 Vacuum 7.25 PSI 1 top
MPXV7002DP Gauge ±0.3 PSI 1 side
MPXV5100GC6U Gauge 14.5 PSI 1 top

The Honeywell sensors are available with some variations too, such as double port models on some pressure ranges. In addition, there may be additional Honeywell sensors that fit this package footprint and pinout. 

GTIN: 048621953756