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Dual Axis Gyroscope Module

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The Dual-Axis Gyro sensor is our extremely easy to use module for reading gyroscopic data. This is because of its a straight analog output, just run the Xout or Yout outputs into an A/D converter and start reading!


For more gain, use the 4.5x outputs that amplify the signal 4.5 times. Even though the IDG-500 chip is designed for a 3V power supply, the board itself has a voltage regulator so it can be used with any voltage from 3-6 volts, making it ideal for Arduino-based projects.

The module's 3V regulator can also be used as a 3 volt reference, for example to hook up to an Arduinos AREF input, which will scale the values that the microcontroller will output to a 3 volt input, for more precision in the A/D converter. The sensor ships assembled and tested, but with the pin headers loose, to allow users to mount the sensor in any manner they choose.

The Dual-Axis Gyro module carries the IDG-500 from InvenSense. The IDG-500 uses complex, high-performance MEMS technology to offer 500°/sec full scale range and 2mV/°/sec sensitivity of rotation, and also includes a patented “Auto Zero” feature for minimizing bias drift over temperature. Because temperature sensing is required for its function, the IDG-500 is also able to read out temperatures from -20 to 85 C too.


Hook it up

Hook up ground (Gnd), Vin (with 3-6 volts), and hookup the signal voltages at Xo, Yo or  Xo4, Yo4 to your AtoD converter (analog pins). The output voltages on the Xo4 and Yo4 are the same as the Xo & Yo voltages, only 4.5 times larger (good for slowly rotating objects). The jitter is larger too, as you might imagine.



Combine a Dual Axis Gyro with our accelerometer you have a nice portable data sensor for human (or robot) bodies. Gyroscopes are the uber tools for creating balancing robots. The Dual Axis Gyro Module comes fully assembled and tested, but with the 6-pin male headers provided unmounted.



  • High performance motion sensing game controllers
  • Robotic vehicle balance sensing
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) roll, pitch or yaw detection
  • Physiological gait measurement

Pin References

  • Xout: X dimension output, analog signal centered on 1.35 volts
  • Xout4.5: X dimension output, multiplied by 4.5, analog signal centered on 1.35 volts
  • AutoZero
  • Temperature
  • Vref: Gyro chip Vref - this is an OUTPUT - do not apply voltages to this pin
  • Vin: connect +3 to +6 volts here
  • Gnd: connect system ground
  • Yout: Y dimension output, analog signal centered on 1.35 volts
  • Yout4.5: Y dimension output, multiplied by 4.5, analog signal centered on 1.5 volts
  • Gnd: connect system ground
  • Vcc (3V out) - output of internal regulator - you may use this voltage with Arduino AREF pin


  • Integrated X- and Y- axis gyros on a single chip
  • Two separate outputs per axis for higher speed motions and lower-speed precise movements: 500°/s full scale range (higher speed) and 110°/s full scale range (high precision)
  • Integrated low-pass filter
  • Auto Zero function
  • Temperature sensor
  • 4.5x second gain stage amplifier
  • High vibration rejection over wide frequency range
  • High cross-axis isolation for design
  • 10,000 g shock tolerance
  • 3V single supply operation
  • RoHS and Green Compliant
  • Designed for use in 5V analog applications standard to Arduino


L 21.5mm x W 16.5 x H 3mm(with parts)


GTIN: 048621953695