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Wired Breadboard / Protoboard

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This protoboard was suggested for use in our physical computing classes by a colleague. It is a copy of a “solderless breadboard”, hence the extremely creative name “wired breadboard”. It is wired just like a solderless breadboard, so you can transfer your project directly from your solderless breadboard to this PCB.

These are made of industry-standard FR4 (glass-fiber epoxy) with plated through holes and finished with ROHS compliant tin finish. For beginners, this is the most foolproof way to move a design from a solderless breadboard to a more permanent prototype.

For smaller projects, either size breadboard is easily and neatly cut with a pair of large tin-snips or jewelers saw.  A bandsaw will work too but the fiberglass is hard on the blade. One trick is to cut the board on a row of holes, which will tend to maintain a straight cut.

Available in:

840 hole  1.900″ x 6.350″ (48.2mm x 161.3mm)

420 hole  1.900″ x 3.15″  (48.2mm x 80.1mm)


  • Prototyping


  • FR4 glass-fiber epoxy board with 420 OR 840 holes
  • 2 power rails, top and bottom
  • 2 solder jumpers to tie the top and bottom rail traces together
  • Industry-standard .100″ hole spacing
GTIN: 048621953688